Our mission is to employ an inclusive approach to education, to ensure we produce active citizens that are able to compete in an ever-changing world whilst offering a healthy and conducive teaching and learning environment for all stakeholders.

Our mission statements:

  • Provide quality education to all learners.
  • Provide a wide range of sports and cultural activities for our learners to partake in.
  • Recruit and hire the best educators and supporting personnel.
  • Ensure that our school is a safe space and guarantees everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in everything that they do.
  • Produce individuals that are actively alert to social and racial injustices.
  • Ensure that there is a good working relationship between the SGB, SMT and staff at large.
  • Embark in all meaningful ways to improve performance.
  • Employ ways to get the support of parents and all other important stakeholders.
  • Be in partnership with NGO’s and all such stakeholders who have vested interest and share the common vision with us.

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